Rent Car with Driver Verona

Pirelli Calendar Verona

The city has been stormed for the Pirelli Calendar event in Verona. Every corner, every place and every accommodation in the city was occupied by the participants and more or less famous people.
Scaligera Ncc participated in this event for the transport of people. Dozens and dozens of Car / Van Rental with Driver also from other cities worked until late at night and allowed all the hundreds of people participating to move from one place to another in complete privacy.
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Fincantieri Event MSC Cruises

A unique experience to participate in such an event. One of the largest cruise ship companies organizes the launch of the new sister ship MSC Meraviglia in the place of the creation of one of its gigantic monsters, a place the size of an entire country, namely Fincantieri. Hundreds of people from all over the world attended this event. Engineers, crew who will spend their time working on this ship, captains and so on and so forth ... The most awaited moment was certainly the breaking of the mega bottle on the ship for the baptism. Thanks to others activities in Venice and its surroundings, Scaligera Company participated first as a Car & Driver of various participating characters but then also as a spectator of the Launch of the Ship.
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First Day in Verona Arena-Opera Festival

Here we are, The opening day of the Opera Festival 2019 dances in the Arena has arrived. Celebrities from the show business and politicians They come to Verona to experience the emotion that only the Opera Festival and Arena di Verona can convey.
VIPs in every corner of the city, transport celebrities from the world of entertainment and politics all day long until late night. So many people also point their eyes on you and your car as you transport and get VIPs on or off.
Wow, what an effort ...
Scaligera Company was part of this event by transporting throughout the day and late night, very late, VIP characters for the city. Hotel, Arena, Restaurants and places in the city center.
Finally the premiere in the Arena is over ... 😅
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This is what we do with great pleasure, in addition to transporting you and guaranteeing you the services for the requested airports or destinations. Rely only on cars with municipal authorization with qualified and authorized drivers for professional transport of people.